Tuesday, August 7, 2018


I have made progress...three boxes packed for me, six for Goodwill. And I have straightened up the main area, all three closets (remember, the apartment is being shown this week to potential renters). I have also taken out all the camping/fishing/picnic stuff to SnowWhite as well as all of the boxes for Goodwill.

Tomorrow my aim is to quickly straighten the bathroom, also work on the kitchen...lots more boxes for Goodwill there. But most of the time will be spent working in my studio. Especially those areas that I think need some 'weeding'.

Big thunderstorms hitting my area of NYC.  Lots of thunder and lightening...not much rain.  The sky is yellow, not a color I am comfortable with but it hasn't turned green so I don't need to run to the basement!!! 

I remember summers in Minnesota. When the sky turned green we headed for the basement. One tornado aimed for our house in Lindstrom but for some reason skipped right over it.  Weird because the same thing happened when we were in Ogilvie.  Tornado came racing over the field and skipped right over my grandma's house. And yes, we were in the basement!!

Wish I had time to do some creative work but alas that's not in the cards right now.  Maybe later...all work and no play make Jill a dull girl (but it does get the place packed and ready to move!!!)

Thanks for stopping by...
Talk with you tomorrow...
Hopefully I will have a better handle to share with you about my studio...