Monday, August 6, 2018


Well, I am back after a quick trip to Minnesota. In a way it was a vacation but it was really to visit a family member who had health issues.  Two days driving each way, spending the night sleeping in SnowWhite at a truck stop.

It actually took longer because both times I drove in torrential rain storms the entire way through Pennsylvania. And when I say torrential, I mean my fastest wiper speed could not keep up.  As a result of the rain, it took me longer than estimated AND there's lots of flooding in Pennsylvania.

So I got back on Thursday, Friday I spent the day looking at houses to rent upstate New York. (More about that later.) Saturday I totally collapsed and slept the entire day. Sunday, I had errands to run like grocery shopping and reviewing a final paper for a friend...a long, long final paper...took several hours.

So today I began straightening up the apartment and packing. I made a decision that for every box of knick knacks I pack to keep, I have to pack one to give to Goodwill.  Right now I am at one box for me and four boxes for Goodwill. I will pare my knick knacks down by 50% without any problem.

My aim is also to give away one box for every three I pack in the kitchen. Why one to three?  Well, a lot of things in the kitchen are large like my mixer where as the things I want to get rid of are smaller in size.

I decluttered my clothes a while back but think I can pull together a few more boxes. The problem area will be my studio. Well, I guess problem is not the right word and I have identified a few areas that need some 'weeding out'. Just not many!

So, about the rental house.  I found a great one with lots of room for all three of us plus a place for Duchess and all the cars we have.  Unfortunately, while I was in Minnesota, I found out that there was a problem with water in the basement. There was a sump pump in the basement. Funny thing, when we tried to turn on the lights in the basement, they did not turn on. I am wondering if the electricity was off in the basement and that meant that the sump pump didn't come on. Oh well, hope we find out soon.

On Friday morning I am going to look at another house. It's a real beauty and right on the Hudson. But there is no room for Duchess and I think some cars may wind up on the street. It is also smaller but much newer. And the deck view is to die the fact that we can fish anytime we want. By the way, it is up high enough to avoid any flooding.

This week I plan on packing most things to give away including the studio and packing the truck full so on the way back from looking at the Hudson house I can stop at a Goodwill and drop off many, many boxes.

Oh, and if I decide not to take the Hudson house, if it doesn't meet all my needs, then I will be renting a storage area and dropping off the stuff I normally keep in SnowWhite for camping and fishing. Well, I will keep out my fishing gear and one chair, but the rest of the stuff I will store.

It's good to be home. I just wish things were settled about the housing. Oh, and I have to make sure my apartment is in good shape because the management wants to show it (if I don't mind, which I don't)!!!

Back to packing...
Thanks for continuing to visit...
Talk with you tomorrow...