Wednesday, February 13, 2019


I included this photo to remind myself that winter will end and spring will come.  Why?  Well, I do love snow and winter, even cold weather.  BUT, I draw the line at ice.  And that's what we had this morning. 

An inch of ice on my truck that took 45 minutes to get off.  And everything, yard, walkways, roads were nothing short of a massive sheet of ice.

The forecast was that the temperatures would continually warm throughout the night ending up in the high thirties.  Well, they got that one wrong.  It was in the 20's.

And I did need to run some errands today so I had no choice but to clean off the truck.  Then because of the ice on top of the snow which led to slippery roads, I had to get into 4 wheel drive to get out of the driveway.

But, all in all, I did make it!

I have put off leaving for Florida by one day so I will be traveling on Friday.  Tonight I am just gathering my thoughts and tomorrow I will decide what clothes to bring and finish packing my crafts.  Then, lastly, I will pack what I bring with me in the cab...i.e. snacks (fruit and nuts), drinks (water, coke zero), blankets and pillows (for sleeping). 

I think I will go to bed and put on a movie to watch.  I need to rest my brain...

Thanks for stopping by...
Talk with you tomorrow...