Thursday, June 20, 2019


Aren't these flowers unique?  I took this photo at the National Petrified Forest.  And let me tell you, there was very little foliage much less flowers.  It was hot and dry, but beautiful in it's starkness and color.

So, today was anything but dry...I feel like I am going to develop scales and gills pretty soon.  It's so humid and warm that I feel I am a misty shower!!!

I am still having success photographing all my stuff for ETSY.  I think that once I get all the pictures done, I will begin posting on my ETSY site with all the information, etc.  But as I will be gone for a month this summer, I will not open the shop until late summer or early fall.  September 1 sounds good to me.

It will also give me time to create some fall things...maybe even a few winter scenes.  I took my 12 by 12's up to the quilt shop and they loved all of them.  I hope that's a good omen because it would be nice to sell a few things.

Well, the phone calls I made yesterday were returned today so I am progressing with things.  Unfortunately, all but one brought more problems to there's more to do.  I guess there's nothing to do but keep on keeping on...

Here's today's Haiku:
Disappointments can
Linger - Best to accept and
Learn from, then forget.

See you tomorrow...
Hope the weather is great where you live...