Tuesday, November 19, 2019


A Life Well Lived Is
A Testimony Of A
Life Filled With Great Love

We got our first snow...don't laugh...

Yep, that's all we got and it was gone by mid-morning.  The rain lingered on, though, and it is still very wet out there.

I got the pantry all put back together except for the wall that hopefully someone else will repair.  Yes, everything is back but I can move the window stuff easily and the small table in front of it to accommodate the repair.  So I think we are all okay.

I also put plastic on the window.  Last year it worked really well.  If your not familiar with the plastic window wrap it goes like this.  First put double stick tape on the frame around the window.  Then cut a piece of clear plastic (it's a special type of plastic) that fits the window and attach it to the tape securely.  Then use a hair blower or heat gun (which is what I used) and heat the plastic until it becomes taut.   It cuts out the draft...and with a house this old, there is a lot of draft especially in the 1700 part.  I have three more windows on this floor to do, then three on the lower level.

Just found out that we will be having guests for Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to having fun with them.  Maybe do some apple picking and making pies on Wednesday, cooking on Thursday, relaxing on Friday...oh, it's Black Friday.  If I was still living in the city I would go out and people watch.  Now that I am in the country, I think I will just relax!!!

Hearings were interesting today.  I don't think that the two afternoon witnesses that the Republicans wanted are giving them what they want.  Tomorrow the UN Ambassador should be very, very interesting.

Today's prompt was thought-provoking.  I still have a lot of thinking to do in this area...and reading. I have a couple books that I am rereading right now.  "UnBelievable" by John Shelby Spong, "Grounded" by Diana Butler Bass, "Reimagining God" by Lloyd Geering & "A Religion of One's Own" by Thomas Moore.

Completely different views from those I grew up with...even different from those at the Seminary that I graduated from.  As people grow older, most re-examine their lives.  Many cling to their childhood understandings of life.  Others try to find a different understanding.  I have left the childhood understandings but have not really developed an adult understanding...guess I am still in the exploration stage.

It is an interesting endeavor.  One which is not always easy but for me very worthwhile.  

Thanks for visiting...
Talk with you tomorrow...

Tomorrow's Prompt
How is your creative life doing?  Are
you creating more or less than you did say,
a year ago?  Why?  If less what can you 
do to increase your creativity?  If yes,
how can you maintain that level?