Monday, November 18, 2019


Care For Your Inner
Feelings They Point The Way To
Health And Well Being

Today was very cloudy and wet.  Mostly misty, drizzly rain.  But, the temperature is rising so it isn't very cold.  I just put out the garbage and other than the moisture, it wasn't bad.

I finished my part of the pantry today.  I even moved in the big shelf by myself.  Put one end on a scatter rug and lifted the other.  Easy as can be.  I have begun to move the kitchenware back into the shelves.  I am rearranging things a bit because I could see how the first plan had drawbacks.  

When I get to the big ticket electrical things like the Kitchen Aid Mixer, I am going to take a cue from the past.  I remember my mom have fabric covers for all the items.  Well, with four cats, three birds and three adults cooking, I now see the wisdom of that move.

Now-a-days when I get out an item to use, I have to clean it first before I can use it.  There's grease, cat hair and general dust.   Well, after all the house is several centuries old, so there will be dust!

I will be shopping from my fabric stash for the covers and simply sew up something that fits each item.  My machine is still on the fritz but I bought a used machine from a guild member at the Members' Market last month.  

Going to have to take my machine apart again to see what the problem is.  Maybe I put something back a bit screwy.  More than likely, there's a small bend or kink that I will have to look harder for.  In the meantime, I do have the other machine.

My Minnesota Gophers lost this weekend.  And I thought the Vikings were going to lose also, but they pulled it out in the end...whew...

Hope you had a great weekend...
Talk with you tomorrow...

Tomorrow's Prompt
Spiritual health is important to living
full lives.  Not necessarily religious but
that deep yearning that is hard to define.
Is it time to explore your spiritual health?