Friday, November 15, 2019


Showering Love On
Yourself Paves The Way To Your
Love Shown To Others

What a day...I think the hearing would have turned out completely differently if Trump had not tweeted his negative remarks about the ambassador.  The GOP had a very different tack that they were going to take but that was totally blown up by Trump!  What a remarkable Ambassador Ms Yovanovitch was...I admire her greatly.

And if that wasn't enough, Stone's trial did not go well for Trump.  Stone was found guilty on all counts.  And now, the latest news is that there are folks who overheard Trump on a phone call to the Ambassador Sondland.  

So, I went again to the dentist' office but no one was there.  Unfortunately, there is no other dentist in Cornwall that I will go to  who is on my insurance list.  I will try again tomorrow.  Remember, I want to see what the place looks like before I agree to an appointment.

I did get everything finally sorted and counted for the Holiday Charity.  Take a look at this...

At least I can move around in my studio as well as in the rest of the house.  Course, there is still kitchenware all over the place but I hope to fix the wall tomorrow so the shelf can be moved back in place and I can regain all of the rest of the space.

No real plans for the upcoming weekend other than fixing the wall.  Maybe I can catch up on some sleep.  Maybe I will read the mystery book that I have been trying to get to.  Or maybe I will crochet the last tree for the Holiday Party.  Maybe I'll do all three.  However, I will be checking out the dentist's office tomorrow morning to see if anyone is there.  

Potatoes were on sale $3/10# which is cheap around here.  I bought 20 pounds so I am thinking that I will make potato soup tomorrow.  And maybe chili along with some cornbread.  That will take care of cooking for the weekend.

Hope your weekend plans are just what you want to do...
Thanks for visiting...
Talk with you on Monday...

Monday's Prompt
How do you show love to others?  To
your family?  To your friends?  How do
you show love to yourself?