Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Well, it's been quite a week for me - it's was so crammed full that even getting time to sleep was difficult.

Things have quieted down here only to gear up on tv - read that the impeachment trial.  Guess where my focus will be this week?  I have no illusions about the outcome but I do applaud the House for bringing to light the machinations by the administration.

In looking for my next workshop I ran across an article in "Quilting Arts" about stitch meditations.  I liked the idea by wanted to alter the emphasis to quilting rather than stitching.

First of all,  I used flannel for the background, around four inches square (as was suggested in the article).  Then I used my fabric scraps to create the design.  Once I finished the design, I did use needle and thread to stitch the design to the background.

Stitching does have a meditative quality to it but I also found that the act of designing was also meditative.  Now, by meditative, I am referring to focusing your mind to the creative aspect of designing.  This activity does a couple things.  It both activates and focuses your creativity.

I spend about 20 minutes each time I do a quilting meditation. (I suggest that you have everything ready to go so you don't spend time cutting the background or finding scraps.)  When?  Before I want to work in my studio.

Here are some examples:

I do not anticipate using these in any other manner at this point although that may change in the future if an idea percolates to the top.  It is just my way of starting up those creative juices that I need when I work in my studio.  Why not give it a try...it might work for you as it does for me.

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