Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Isn't this an interesting flower?

Well, it was a late night last night listening to the motions - all tabled after discussion by McConnell.  All I can say is that I was very proud of the House Managers.  Their articulate presentation was very enlightening.

This morning I had a dental appointment, then some grocery shopping before getting home to listen to the presentations of both sides.  Another late night!!!

I have been working through Julie Cameron's book "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again" which I highly recommend to any and everyone.  I have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed her "Artist's Way".

I found one suggestion (well, there were lots of great suggestions) really helpful.  Have you ever been stumped as to what to do?

Julie's suggestion is just to do the Next Best Thing!  Sounds so simple but it really works.  For instance, say your just sitting down and can't really figure out what to do.  The dishes need washing? The next best thing would be to wash the dishes.  

And say while you are washing them you realize that you need some items.  So after the dishes you run out and pick up those items.  And while you are out, you want to try a new coffee at the local coffee shop.  And while you are there you see an ad for a garage sale...etc.

See what she means.  You just get going doing the next best thing and that gets you going!  It also works in the studio.

For me, I was stumped on how to design something. I couldn't seem to actually figure out a design.  Well, the studio was a mess, so for me the next best thing was to straighten up the studio.  

While straightening, I found a stray piece of fabric I thought would work in the design.  So, I looked through my fabric stash and found complimentary fabrics and before I knew, I was back to working on the design that I was stumped on prior.

So next time you can't figure out what to do the Next Best Thing?

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