Friday, June 5, 2020


I still don't know what these flowers or this bush is called.  Anyone out there know?

So, yesterday was very emotional with the service for George Floyd.  A call to action if I have ever heard and it looks like folks of all colors are responding.  I hope so because racial justice is long overdue.

I did get a project done for the latest newsletter.  Mosaics.  Here are the two pictures I included:

I wanted to show the difference between using a light and a dark background.  Neither picture is a true representation of the actual coloring.  No matter how many shots in different lights I took, I simply could not get it right.

But I explained how to create a picture by just designing it free form like the flowers and stems.  The flowerpot is a blown apart mosaic.  In other words, I cut out the flowerpot in one single piece, then cut it into pieces and placed it to resemble the flowerpot.

I have since begun to add the background...
And again the color is off.  The flowers, stems and flowerpot are more near their actual coloring but the background which is black looks blue.  But I do like how things are looking so far.

Instead of adhesive backed fabric, I simply added a drop of glue to the back of each piece.  When I am finished making the mosaic, I will cover it with tulle or net and machine quilt it.

Have a great weekend...
Talk with you on Monday...