Thursday, June 18, 2020


I often purchase second hand books (when I am able to go out and look at used bookstores!)  The book I am using now for study, I purchased online, again used.  This poem was found tucked in the pages and I liked it so much I decided to share it.

Much is to be done in the years to come,
But what have we done today?

We shall give our aid in a gentle way,
But what did we give today?

We shall lift one's burdens and help one's wrongs,
We shall cheer them by singing one of their favorite songs,
We shall speak the words of love and cheer.
But what did we speak today?

We shall be so kind during the coming years,
But what have we been today?

We shall bring a smile to a lonely life,
But what have we brought today?

We shall give to the poor a helping hand,
When in their troubles we shall stand,
We shall feed the hungering souls of the earth
But what have we fed today?

We shall reap many joys in the years to come,
But what have we sown today?

In the sky our mansions we will build,
But what have we build today?

Right here, and now, do we our task?
Yet, this is the thing our souls must ask,
What have we done today?

Talk with you tomorrow...