Thursday, October 1, 2020


I realized that I had not been reading any blogs since I left to pick up Duchess...eons ago.

Well, after realizing that there were hundreds and hundreds of unread blog posts, I chose to read all the posts from my two favorite bloggers and just scanned the titles of the rest.

That's when I realized that titles can make a difference...although, one of my favorite bloggers uses the same title all the time.  Anyway, I now really think about the title of my blog posts.  Not sure if it will help, but at least titles are no longer the last thing I think about when writing my posts.

Although driving SnowWhite was no problem, I did encounter one possible problem...again, hopefully, a maintenance problem.  After stopping at the museum, I stopped at several covered bridges and took pictures.  

Well, at the last one, when I turned off the engine, a prompt appeared 'low battery, restart engine immediately'.  Never saw that one before.  

I started the engine and decided that driving home was the best thing to do.  So I will have my battery checked.  It probably needs replacing - it's at least four years old - I have never replaced it.

Sometimes I think that vehicle maintenance is a never ending deep dive into my pocketbook!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...