Monday, October 5, 2020


A new week...and I am still trying to figure out where last week went.  I did get the newsletter out on Saturday.

Then I spent five and a half hours on Sunday talking with my son.  We were trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer...turns out it was a corrupted file in the mail app.

And while working with my oldest son on the computer, my two other sons gave me my birthday present.  They had been looking for weeks hoping someone had it in...and on Sunday, they were able to pick it up.  What was it?  A switch.  

First thing I did was to download Animal Crossing...and I love it.  I have Animal Crossing on my DS3 (a gift from my granddaughter) and I do love it but the one on the switch is much more complex.  I know I will play both because they are different!

So I have joined the electronic game playing folks...but my games are pretty tame...mostly building ones.  For instance, I play Dragonvale on my iPad.  It's a game where you breed dragons and build a park for them to live.  I know, crazy, right?

I still love my word and number games on my iPhone like solitaire and sudoku, and word searches or crosswords. 

And, I am reading at least two books at a fiction and one non-fiction.  Right now I am reading a cosy mystery called 'Old Soldiers Never Die' as well as 'Braiding Sweetgrass'.  And I love reading on my iPhone or iPad.  I guess after years of dragging hundreds and hundreds of books from place to place, I find it nice to have all of them packaged up neatly in a little phone...well, I do have the large iPhone!!!

I fixed a nice supper...meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and salad.  Enough for left-overs tomorrow, but let me tell you, leftovers do not last long in this house!!!  

Think I will bake a chicken on Wednesday...and, hopefully the frig will be repaired on Wednesday.  It works but the fan for the motor is broken.  We have a window fan behind the frig to keep the motor cool!  Sounds like a plane taking off in the kitchen!!!

Hope all of you are doing well and that your week goes well...

Talk with you tomorrow...