Monday, November 9, 2020


I took this photo of my neighbor's yard this past weekend.  The tree is as spectacular as it looks in the photo.

The past few days have been absolutely the mid to high 70's, bright and sunny.  In the sunlight, it was in the 80's!  We have a repeat tomorrow followed by 100% rain on Wednesday!

I was planning on working on Duchess today, but plans changed.  I hope I can get it all done tomorrow...before the rain!

Well, the election for president is finally settled.  Last week felt like a month!!!  But now the real work begins.  

And this pandemic is totally out of hand and I am not sure what can be done to slow things down other than wearing a mask.  And why wearing a mask has become political is way beyond's just wearing a mask to protect others...and yourself!

Well, I did some rearranging in the living room and it turned out less crowded.  But you should see my studio...I barely have walking room between the boxes of fabric, the boxes of Holiday Charity things and the Holiday Raffle Baskets.  I don't think I can squeeze anything more in...even with a shoehorn!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...