Thursday, February 18, 2021

Mindful Cleaning

Well we had some snow today, but not much.  One son was out and he said about ten miles south of here, the snow was heavy.  So far we've only gotten a couple inches.

I finished deep cleaning, rearranging and decorating all the common rooms (i.e. living, dining, pantry (large), halls, kitchen, exercise/entrance (large) rooms).

Tomorrow I want to finish packing the last of the Christmas decorations, clean my studio, my bedroom and my bathroom.

I also need to finish up the newsletter for the guild so I can send it off on Saturday or Sunday.   I have the next meeting all taken care of with a special speaker from The Linus Project and the members showing off their things.  I do need to add the next part on my mystery quilt so I can include a photo of it in the newsletter.

I actually enjoyed cleaning.  I did something I normally do not do...I decided not to have any programs playing.  The tv was off as was my phone and music.  I simply cleaned.  Not fast, but not slow.  And I finished much sooner than I had planned.

I guess that's a way to stay mindful.  Concentrating on what's at hand only.  Not listening to the news or an audiobook, etc.  The house looks really nice and I really enjoyed myself.  Think I will try doing this with other my quilting or my drawing.  I may add some music down the road, but I think I have found that multi-tasking is not all it's made out to be.  There are times when we absolutely have to multi-task.  But if the opportunity presents itself to single-task, I will do it.  And I suggest you give it a may find it less stressful.

Talk to you tomorrow...