Friday, February 19, 2021

Weekend Wonders?

Finished my cleaning.  Studio clean and straight. Bedroom and bathroom sparkling.  And all the Christmas decorations are packed away.

It's been snowing all day long...slow at times and heavier at other times.  Think we got another four inches or more.

Tomorrow I will finish the newsletter for the guild...after I finish the next additions to my mystery quilt.  

Still watching 'Last of the Summer Wine'.  I didn't know how many seasons there were.  I am on season eight.  There's 23 or more seasons left.  Problem is I don't know where to go to see the rest of them.  I found some on You Tube.  

The copies that are for sale will not play on US players...different format.  I really love this show.  Hopefully I can find more...or maybe Brit Box will play more!

It was nice to hear Biden on the International adult.  Never thought I could not take that for granted.  The former occupant of the W.H. changed that assumption!

What do you have planned for this weekend?  Other than guild work, I don't have much planned except enjoying myself.  Right now, just watching the snow come down sounds attractive.

Talk with you on Monday...