Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Slowing Down

As you can see, I took my mediation time and zentangled/doodled!  I was reading an article last night about 'slowing' down and taking time for meditation.

I remember when I lived in NYC, I always prided myself in keeping up with the pedestrian other words, walking very fast.  If you lived in NYC you know what I mean.  Everyone walks, or did before the pandemic, and they all walked fast.

I came to realize that I really didn't need to walk fast (as long as I could stay out of everyone's way!!!).  And you know what happened?  I actually saw things that I had never noticed before.

Things like the fantastic old architecture that abounds in the city.  Or the flowers that were all over if you looked.  And, of course, the people.  Some with stern looks, other frustrated,  determined, but few looked really happy.  And those that were were not walking as fast as the rest.

Granted, most folks had places to go and people to see, but there really is value in slowing down.  

Take your car.  How many of you have been passed by fast drivers only to catch up with them at say a red light or even at your destination?  Same with your slowing down, you may actually get to your destination faster than if you work fast.  And it's much better for your health.

So next time you are inclined to speed up your life, stop and smell the roses, as they say.  Take a look around you and notice the sunset, or the children's smile, or even your own sigh of relief as you realize that time is all you really own and you should cherish every moment.

Snow still piled high but we lost a lot today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer!!!

Stay safe and warm...

Talk with you tomorrow...