Thursday, April 15, 2021

iPad and Reverse Applique...

Cold, foggy and rainy today...cold enough to turn the furnace on to take the chill off.  But not cold enough to wear a coat, a sweatshirt was just fine.

So I took my youngest son to pick up his truck and instead of coming straight home, I went on to the Apple Store which was only 12 miles away.  My iPad has not worked so I wondered if it was a battery problem.

Well, I didn't have an appointment but one was available in a hour and a half so I went back to SnowWhite and read.  (Still taking advantage of my free trial Kindle Unlimited!)

When I went in for my appointment, (By the way, their covid precautions are great!), it turned out that because they could not get the iPad to turn on, they could not do anything unless I wanted to spend $250 which they did not recommend and I agreed.

So, I have the iPad plugged in to a lighting cord to see if I can get it to turn on.  If I can, then I can call Apple Care and they can assess the iPad over the's hoping!  What was interesting is that they do not replace the battery on my iPad (It's an air.). 

I have been working on reverse applique for the guild and I just finished the third one this evening.  I will be working on directions and will share these on the blog over the next three posts.  Here's a picture of all three...

All three were fun to do, but the largest one did take quite a bit of time and you need a really sharp, small scissors.

See you tomorrow...