Thursday, May 13, 2021

Duchess Main Room So Far

Going to be a short post...busy day.  I went to pick up some grocery items and the strangest things were in short supply like all the dairy products including coffee creamer and both dish detergent and washing detergent.  Go figure that one!

So here is what Duchess is looking like.  I still have to finish decorating the main space but the amount of space is unbelievable...

The top picture is taken where the rocking chair is and the bottom picture is taken where the daybed is.  You can see the newly covered pillows.  

I put painter's cloth drop cloth around the bookshelves next to the rocking chair, similar to what's on the daybed frame.  By the way, the door in the back goes to the bathroom (and it is not a wet bath) and the other side is to the bed/bunk bed which will be gone later this summer!

Folks have asked about a table.  I have a really large 'tv tray' to set up if needed.  Right now it and a metal folding chair are between the daybed and the shelf.  You really can't see them.

Tomorrow...the sink.  I took a look at the space in which I can's tiny.  Going to be an expletive deleted type of day, I am thinking.  Also, I am wondering what is under the oven.  There are four screws holding the wood front on.  Think I will take the screws out and see what's what.  Maybe it's the water pump...finger's if something goes wrong it will be an easy fix.

Talk to you tomorrow...