Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Pillows and Eventbrite...

Another 'weed' that I found close to the wooded area.  Love the color.

So today I cleaned the common area of the house and did a bit of rearranging.  Looks nice.  

When I was working on the patio outside, the weather was warm when the sun was out but cool when it was covered by clouds.

I finished covering the two purple pillows and I found two more red pillows so I think I have enough.  I also covered the top of a footstool that had faded.  Picture below...

I think these pillows will brighten up the daybed.  

I was lucky in finding the rest of the speakers I need to finish off the year for the guild.  Now if I could find some member volunteers to fulfill the positions that are open...especially charity.  But I sent out several emails today, maybe one or two of them will be successful.

I have to say that I disagree with almost all of Rep. Chaney's political positions but I have to admire her for standing up for our constitution and democracy.  Wish more on the right would follow her lead.

I am taking a free drawing class through EventBrite.  If you have never checked out this site, and you are looking for things to do, I suggest you do so.  There are a ton of free classes but there are also low cost classes as well as workshops, events...just about everything.

That's all for to you tomorrow...