Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Duchess Daybed Picture

Most of the dandelions have gone to seed but there are still a few around.  Remember putting them under your chin to see if you like butter?  Oh, that was eons ago!

So today I was able to deliver all the fabric in the back of SnowWhite which is good...there was a ton of it.   Enough to make the back seat totally unusable.  

And I promised you a picture of the daybed in Duchess today.  I will be switching or covering some of the pillows - especially the purple ones - with brighter fabric.  It is very comfortable to sit on and to lay down on.

In the bottom right hand corner you can see part of the chair for the writing desk.  Fits perfectly without taking up much room at all and no room in the walkway.

The interesting thing about the position of the daybed is that it is almost entirely in the outside pass through storage space.  And the small cabinet in the middle left of the photograph was one that I was able to save and reposition.

Well, it has gotten quite dark out...think we may get some rain.

Talk with you tomorrow...