Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Small Mystery Quilt

 This is my mini mystery quilt - there are two more steps.  The next one is to add some metallic fabric.  The last step will be drawn in June.  It's been fun making this...even though it's not close to perfect.  Not sure how I will add the metallic fabric.  I have both gold and silver.  I think either would work.  The blue tend to like silver more but the orange and red like gold.  Maybe I will add both.  Doesn't say how, I was thinking maybe big open appliqued circles.  Think I will work on that tomorrow while waiting for my Tele-medical appointment!.

I finished my journal case.  It turned out really well.  I was going to add heavy duty cardboard to give a stiff body but in the end, I chose not to add the cardboard.  I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow.  

Still debating about continuing my blog...still no word as to why they pulled the posts...and I can't figure out anything that would trigger a withdrawal...oh well.

Talk to you tomorrow...