Friday, September 3, 2021

Internet/Cable Out Yesterday...

So I had no internet nor cable for twelve hours way to post on my blog.  But even with that little problem, I escaped the major problems that were all around me from rivers and streams rising outside their banks along with the extreme rain amounts.  

In one day, we had over 6 much over I do not know because my rain gauge only went up to 6 inches!  And water was spilling out.  As I said, it rain constantly, not drizzle, but rain with periodic periods of heavy downpours.  

And all around, little towns were inundated with major amounts of water on the main streets.  Recovery is going to take a while.   Interestingly, the trees and foliage looks beautiful.  Leaves have not turned yet, but I am hoping for a very colorful fall.

Well, I got the bad news about SnowWhite...going to cost about $3000.  But that includes replacing the other turbo which is due.  I guess their life span is about 150,000 miles and as I said I am way above that number.  Surprisingly, her front suspension is great and tight so no problems there.  I just have to start rotating my tires more frequently.

I won't be able to get her fixed until the 22nd, but I can drive her (even to Vermont) as long as I don't tow anything.  Part of the problem is getting the parts...I don't need any electronic chips (which is good because even companies making new cars are shutting down because they can't get chips) but still, the parts are going to take a while to procure.

So, what type of plans do you have for the weekend holiday?  Very low key here...the main celebration may be going to the DQ for a sundae and perhaps some grilling.  But that's fine with me.  School begins in the city on Tuesday so one son will be going driving into the city.  In a way, I am looking forward to a bit more organization in my day...and a more regular schedule.  Summer's free and easy time is great, but I think one of the reasons I love fall is because life is less chaotic.

I will leave you with another picture taken this summer...

That's all for now.  Talk to you on Tuesday...