Wednesday, September 8, 2021

On & Off

Ramblin' Rose

I took this picture in Colorado on one of my off road adventures!  Lots of dirt roads in Colorado and many of them (like this one) not maintained so it was pretty bumpy.

So, internet is down again.  It has been on and off for a couple days now.  I am using my phone's hotspot right now.  The internet service has been interrupted around seven times so far today.  Here I I'm I come back gone again.  You get the idea.

We're supposed to get a ton of rain this afternoon and if we needed more water.  The streams and rivers are high...much more and they will be out of their banks again.  And hiking!  The trails have water streaming down them.  WE ARE WET.  

I did manage to get the guild newsletter emailed today.  And I even updated the WEB site...a bit.  It does need a major overhaul.

I have three wall quilts almost done for the first chapter of the book which is on quick and easy applique.  I still need to bind them but the designing and quilting are done using different short-cuts and easy techniques.

Next chapter is on reverse applique.  I have the projects in mind but have not designed them yet.  I hope to be able to shop my stash for them rather than purchase new fabric.  That sounds like a good project for the rest of the day.

Until tomorrow..