Thursday, September 9, 2021

Quiet Day

Another night of rain, this time it was accompanied by lightening and thunder.  The lightening lite up my bedroom like daytime.  And the thunder actually shook the house.  It was supposed to be over this morning but it is still drizzling outside this afternoon.  I wonder if I will develop web feet soon!!!

I did get my flu shot...cheaper this year than last but it still cost me $61!  I figure that the cost is because at my age, I get the stronger shot.  I am wondering about a booster covid shot.  The pharmacist told me that Johnson & Johnson vaccines are hard to get ahold of right now.  I hope they will become available in time for a booster.

Today, even with the storms and rain, cable and the internet are steady.  Go figure!  I did get the common rooms floors (Dining, Living, Exercise, Kitchen & Pantry - our pantry is really large) vacuumed and furniture dusted.  All the cat hair off the comfy chairs and the dishes washed.  A very low tech and quiet day.  

Tonight is the first season NFL can guess where I will be.

Well, that's all for with you tomorrow...