Monday, September 13, 2021

Moose, No Rain & Football

In past years visiting the national parks out west, seeing moose always eluded me.  This past summer, however, they were all over the place.  Here's a mother and baby munching on some food.  I took this across the tiny stream (close to my truck)...kind of up close and personal.

So the guild meeting on Saturday went well.  I did close the meeting with some remembrance about the 20th Anniversary which judging from my email, members appreciated.

Today...NO RAIN!!!  It is sunny, a bit warm and dry.  Again, no rain.  I plan on finally cleaning the patio this afternoon.  Since everything is dry, I can easily sweep.  Not feeling like fall yet, but I can handle a bit of warmth given no rain.

Football was great this past weekend...both college and professional.  My Vikings lost, but in overtime!  A good game as far as I'm concerned.  And the ability to watch/listen to several football games is my idea of a great time.  I know...not everyone is as football crazy as I am.   But you know what...I hope each of you has something in their life that they enjoy as much as I enjoy football...

Talk to you tomorrow...