Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Rain, Mice & Gifts...

Wouldn't you know rained all day yesterday.  Dark, gloomy, rainy 11:00 in the morning, the street lights came on it was that dark.  Lots of thunder too.  Today, it is sunny with a cloud or two passing by.

SnowWhite is still in the garage.  The parts place sent the wrong parts so they had to return them and get the right parts...add a couple more days.  They thought either today, tomorrow at the latest.  Let's hope soon.  It is kind of frustrating not having a vehicle to get around in.

I fixed dinner last night...oven fried chicken legs, rice and gravy and butter beans.  Kind of carb heavy but there wasn't much in the house to work with...see what I mean about being housebound!

Today I cleaned up the studio.  I decided to put up my quilted wall hangings.  They are all over.  On the walls, hanging on the shelves, even the wire baskets.  I know, you are probably thinking that it will be hard to get things out but I really needed that boost of creative energy.  And I like it.  

I have a guild board meeting tonight on zoom.  We have to make the decision whether to require vaccinations for our in-person meetings.  Most of the large guilds around us do require vaccines.  And if we have any food or even beverages, we are required to by the state.  It will be an interesting discussion.

I still haven't found anything for the holidays I want to make.  I promised myself that I would have patterns in hand by the first of October...only a couple days left before I have to come up with something.  On the other hand, the things I am making for the guild party in January are coming along well.  This year I am making a scissors holder for each member.  I have about 58 made so far.  Once the pattern is cut out it doesn't take long to sew, turn, iron, fold and sew again.  I can do one in about 10 minutes.

The kitties found a mouse last night...there wasn't much of it left.  We usually get a few in each fall once the temperatures begin to fall...and that they are doing...very nice.

Well, that's all for to you tomorrow...