Monday, September 27, 2021

Fall, Pumpkins, Cityscapes & Mysteries

It's getting that time of year...pumpkin and winter squash.  What's your favorite squash?  Mine is Hubbard but they grow so big that I usually settle for a piece.  A large one, but not the whole thing.  

One of my sons was driving in Connecticut this weekend and came across a couple trucks pulling trailers with enormous squash and/or pumpkins tied down.  I remember when farmers would bring their produce to be weighed at county and state farms.  

So the end of last week was really busy.  The days are already gathering speed as they careen toward the fall holidays.  October is just around the corner...and I have still not figured out what to make for holiday gifts!  I have looked at YouTube and Pinterest, but nothing has peaked my interest.  I even downloaded several books from the library to see what they had to offer.  Lots of cute things but again, nothing tickled my fancy.  Time to look at my binders of saved crafts.

I finished a wall hanging.  It's a modern city scape at night.  I haven't quite come up with a name yet but working on it...

The moon is made out of a metallic fabric.  I really like the black outline on each building.  

I have been rereading the 'Henri O' mystery series by Carolyn Hart.  I began with the first and am going through them all in order.  I think this series is written in a more indepth style than her 'Death On Demand' series although I love them both.  I have also discovered her Ghost Series which is funny.

And the cherry on top this weekend was that the Vikings won!!!  Go Vikings!!!

Still no word on SnowWhite, but she was up in the air in the garage last Saturday...probably trying to get at the air conditioning plug.  Hopefully soon...

Talk to you tomorrow...