Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Christmas Decorations, Dinner Ideas & Quilt Guild

A sunny warm day today (almost 80).  We had so many storm warnings in the past week that I took the patio chairs and umbrellas down but today and tomorrow look great so I put things back this morning.  I hope that we can begin using the fire pit soon and enjoy sitting outside enjoying the warmth of the fire while roasting marshmellows.

I finished three crocheted bells...

I think I like the bells without any other decoration like the bow on the middle one.  Again, they are crocheted with a single crochet stitch and the half double crochet stitch so they are very stiff.  I think I will crochet three more and give both the bell and the wreath as decorations this year.

I am making dinner again...this time country style ribs.  Yesterdays meal was okay.  I should have taken the meatballs and potatoes out of the oven earlier but the meal was still tasty.  Today, I am trying one of the recipes I found on line for the ribs.  First they cook tightly covered for 2 hours at 300 degrees.  Next they are removed from the oven, any water drained off, and coated with a favorite barbeque sauce and back in the over for an hour uncovered.  Hope it works as they said it would.  Also going to serve mashed potatoes and corn.

I hosted the guild chat today.  There is no agenda and folks can talk about anything they want to so I never know what topics come up.  Today there were lots of topics but mostly on quilts and quilting.  I do enjoy the chats...I talk very little because it is so interesting to hear what others have to say.  They also share unique tips including places to shop for fabric.

Well, things are a bit behind today so that's it for with you tomorrow...