Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fall & Another Christmas Decoration...

A hint of fall...the trees have not turned very much around here.  I think I will take a trip on Thursday to check out the colors a little bit north of here...maybe take a picnic.  It was in the middle 40's this morning.  The furnace went on for a bit.  It has gotten warmer this afternoon, almost 70 and sunny.  And the wind has stopped.

I made another Christmas decoration...

The crocheted stitches are single crochet stitches and half double crochet stitches like the previous smaller decorations that I shared yesterday.  I strung the red cord in the middle and then attached the crocheted holly berries and leaves.  It's about ten inches across.

This decoration is for a friend who does not put up a tree but has all sorts of Christmas decorations which she sets up in December.

I am continuing to sew two scissors' holders a day so I should have enough ready long before our first in-person guild meeting which has now been moved to March 2022.  

I have supper in the oven.  Meatballs, squash with butter and brown sugar and potatoes sliced into wedges and coated with oil and salt and pepper.  Should be ready in about an hour.  

Another Zoom meeting this evening, but a short one.  I am going to try to see if my slideshow can be easily shared with Zoom.  I am presenting a program next Wednesday to the guild.  The program is on making fabric flowers and tools and supplies that I like. 

Tomorrow is the guild chat which I host.  I usually have around 20 to 25 members join to just talk about anything and everything.  

That' all for now...talk with you tomorrow...