Monday, October 18, 2021

Farm Festivals, Christmas Decorations & Weather...

When we went to a fall farm festival...early in the morning...actually we were there when they opened, there were already about 100 cars in the parking field.  It was fun.  The maze was easy compared to others that we have gone to...but the produce that we could pick from tomatoes to peppers to apples to grapes, etc. were wonderful.  

There was a tavern with a craft beer and food...and the best donuts I have eaten.  We were there about two and a half hours.  When we left, the number of folks coming in were almost astronomical.  Then on our way out we saw why.  Not only was the field where we parked full, but across the highway there was a field about ten times larger and at least have filled.  Reminder for next year...go early again!

So, I did work on Christmas Decorations to make.  I wound up crocheting these...

They are about five inches wide.  Actually there are only two basic stitches...single crochet stitch and half double crochet stitch, plus, of course, a chain stitch.  The two stitches give it a very stiff feel so I think it will hold it's shape for many years to come.  I was able to complete one while watching an NFL football game on Sunday.  

I am also working on a bell shaped ornament.  Again because of the stitches, the shape is very stiff.  Once I finish one including adding a jingle bell or two, I will share a picture or two.

Well, the cold front came through this weekend with the darkest clouds I have seen in quite a while.  Looking east out our living room windows, it was sunny and bright.  Looking west out our back door, it was too dark to see anything.  I took in all the patio stuff once the emergency warning came on tv.  There wasn't much rain, thank goodness, but there was a lot of wind, especially up in the trees.  And now the temperatures are colder.  In the mid 60's instead of mid 70's.  The night time temperatures are still in the high 40's.

My Vikings won this weekend which was a nice surprise even if I didn't have an opportunity to watch them. 

Actually, on Saturday, I finished up my Christmas Shopping.  I ran into a couple of sales and was able to find everything I was looking for to finish up my list.  I even got several rolls of paper from the Dollar Tree Store.  So next, wrapping and packing.  I want them mailed by Thanksgiving with the mail forecast to be extremely slow!

That's all for with you tomorrow...