Friday, October 15, 2021


This is what my patio looked like after sweeping it twice.  I think I would have to take up residence on the patio in order to keep up with the leaves falling.  It was sunny and the mid 80's.  Forecast is for rain tomorrow. :(

I taped up the garbage cans with duct tape today.  Hopefully they will last until next spring.  I also washed some patio things like the tables and chairs.  The grass is almost a foot tall...not sure if the landlord is going to cut it one more time but it's gotten to the point that it is difficult to walk in!

I don't have many plans for the weekend except to relax, enjoy football and make samples of the decorations I want to make.  

After listening to the economic forecast for the Holidays, I think I will get my presents early.  I actually have a couple folks already taken care of but there are a few that I have no idea what to make or get for them.  Do you ever run into that situation?  Any suggestions?  And no I really don't like to give gift cards, but then maybe that's what I will do...or cash.

Thank goodness for our cats...they have been catching the mice that somehow manage to get in the house.  Well, the house is old.  The main part was build in the late 1700's so there are lots of little places to get in.  So far, they have caught this evening.

Today, I finished a lot of those little irritating chores that most of us don't like to do...taping up the garbage cans, for instance.  I think I had 14 things on my list that I kept putting off and putting off, so today they all got done.  A weight off my mind which is crazy because none of them took more than 30 minutes and most about 10.  Well, they are done for now!

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to plan some time to do something for to you on Monday...