Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sunny and Warm...

No rain today...and it was basically sunny out.  And fairly warm in the sun...almost 80 degrees.  I managed to actually clean the patio.  There's only one chair that still needs to dry out but I put it in the sun and hopefully tomorrow it will be completely dry - no wet pants when one sits in it.

There's a lot of rearranging going on in our house as one son is spending about 80% of his time at another location...but he is still paying rent here as he signed the lease this past summer.  And because of this, I know we will be moving at the end of the lease so it's back to packing things up to move.  So when the fall stuff comes down, for instance, it will be edited and packed for moving.

I cleaned the common rooms today.  It's surprising how fast they get dirty.  But I guess with four cats, two birds, lots of moving and changing, I should expect it.  

I ran out of scissor holders to sew...I like to cut out about fifty at a time.  I matched and ironed fabric pieces so that they are the size of the pattern.  Tomorrow I will cut them out so they are ready to sew one or two a day.  The guild moved the first in-person meeting from January to March, so that gives me more time to get them sewn.

I think I have settled on decorations to make for Christmas gifts.  I am going to try out the four that I picked out to see how they look.  After I decide what to make, I will share it here.

And I think I have figured out what to make for Christmas gifts also.  I made a 'home tote' for myself and I use it all the time.  There are pockets for the phone, iPad/Kindle Reader, notepad and pen, on the outside and room to bring whatever else you want inside.  I am going to make up a sample first and then I need to make five of them!  Believe me, they will not be intricate.  My aim is to have all packages in the mail by Thanksgiving.  

Talk to you tomorrow...