Friday, October 8, 2021

Next Week's Trip Looking Good...

Another picture from a past visit to Vermont.  Good news.  My son's car is back from the mechanic's so I can take a couple days next week to visit Vermont and New Hampshire to do some leaf peeping and visit the museum.  As I said I will miss the Dear Jane Quilt but I will be able to see the Grandma Moses' paintings!  And with SnowWhite is such good shape, I will be driving up Mt. Washington!  Best of all, the trip is a gift to me.

Well, it's dark, cloudy and this morning it was raining...this afternoon only misting.  Eventually it will dry up enough for me to be able to take care of Duchess...I hope.  I just heard the forecast for snow in the area.  Basically...a lot...actually A LOT!  

I am presenting the program for our next general meeting...How To Make Three Fabric Flowers & Some of My Favorite Tools and Supplies.  I have the slide show already - a total of 63 slides.   Now I have to figure out how to share thing at a time.  I have til the end of the month to do it.

So what are you doing to this weekend?  Find something fun you've always wanted to do and do it!  Just imagine the enjoyment you will do it!

Talk to you on Monday...