Tuesday, October 12, 2021

No Trip...

Well, as much as I wanted to take the trip to Vermont, it just hasn't worked out.  I really did not want to go up and run around the first day, spend the night and run around the second day doing everything I wanted to do.  I really wanted to spend a complete day there and take my time, but things intervened so I am home.  

I did drive up to the Catskills yesterday and the color is beginning to show.  The picture above is from last year...it's a tree across the street that turns almost Christmasy Red in November.  The color really is this startling.

I have been crocheting ghosts out of white yarn to use in a garland of ghosts and pumpkins.  I tried the pattern in one of the craft magazines but it didn't look good when I finished...probably my fault...so I made up my own pattern and they look nice.  

I always find that once I get a pattern down, crocheting is very relaxing to me.  So, it's been nice to take a few minutes to crochet a row or two.  Especially when it's between business that I would rather not do.  And with things that have come up with the guild...believe me it really helps.

Guess what?  No rain and the sun was out for a good deal of the day.  It might dry out enough to clean up the patio and finally get the seal down on Duchess.  Here's hoping.

That's all for now...talk with you tomorrow...