Monday, October 25, 2021


Did you see the rain that showered California?  Wow!  We have a nor'easter coming this evening and all day tomorrow.  Flooding is forecast.  Just what we need...more rain.  And out west, the reservoirs are drying up at astronomical speeds.  We have to work on this global crisis or all will be lost!

I haven't been able to finish up sealing the rest of Duchess.  Looks like Thursday is the best bet.  Hopefully the weather forecast will hold with a day of sunshine before the storm from the west hits us!

I relaxed on Sunday, watching football, Iron Chef and the documentary Civil War which was excellent. I also made a couple more ornaments which I will share later.

Tonight I have a guild board meeting to which all guild members have been invited.  We are going to discuss the guild future.  Should be interesting.  The age of the guild members is up there in years, so this pandemic has taken a toll.  

Zoom has been fantastic and lots of members really enjoy being able to see presentations.  But in-person meetings are missed although with covid still around, many are not sure if they want to attend.

I need to go out and pick up some birthday cards.  While I'm out, I think I will check a couple stores that are close by for the last couple of gifts to send...who would have thought that Holiday Coloring Books are hard to come by!  Go figure.

Talk with you tomorrow...