Wednesday, October 6, 2021

SnowWhite Is Home!!!

SnowWhite is home...finally...I took her for a drive today and it was like driving her for the first time.  Tires were quiet (You have never heard road noise until you have off road tires in the front that are both cupping and twisting!).  Engine was so quiet I had to listen at the light to make sure it was running!

I took her for a short drive...right up to the Barnes and Noble store...she knows the way by heart!  And I picked up two Christmas crafts magazines and one fall magazine.  Hopefully I will find a decoration to make in one of the two Christmas craft magazines.

The colors are not quite this nice here...but leaves are beginning to turn.  One of my sons will need to use the truck on Friday and possibly next week.  His car is in the shop again.  But I hope to be able to drive north sometime next week, even if only a day.

And I did some Christmas shopping...I wasn't going to but I found a 3000 piece beautiful puzzle for only $19.  And I picked up some notebooks and puzzle books.  Actually, I already have one person done for!

That's all for to you tomorrow...