Tuesday, October 5, 2021

ShowWhite Today...Hopefully!

I remember taking this picture in 2011 in Minnesota.  It is still one of my favorite fall photographs.  That orange tree was so dramatic against the green taller one.  

I still do not have SnowWhite but they finally found a source for the tires...thank goodness.  Hopefully today, but who knows with my luck!

It was raining when I went to bed last night and it is still drizzling today...rain, rain, go away and stay for a while!  It has been cold enough in the mornings that I have turned on the furnace for an hour to take off the chill.  Old houses hang onto cold and warm...and right now it's cold that it is hanging on to!  We have not been able to use the patio since we got home from the vacation in Colorado.  It's always wet and rainy.

So, if I get the truck back this week, I still can't go anywhere because my son needs to take his car in for some additional work...thus, he will need my truck to take to work.  Maybe next week sometime.  

I will miss the Dear Jane Quilt because it is only display until October 10th unless I can simply drive up tomorrow and back again which is possible because I have done it in one day.  But I am leaning towards waiting until next week.  At least I can see the Grandma Moses Paintings which I truly enjoy looking at.

So far, I am unhappy with the sample bags that I intend to make for centerpieces for the January Guild Party.  They just aren't what I am looking for.  I am now thinking that instead of drawstring bags, I will make regular rectangle shape bags with handles.  Going to try that next and see how it looks.  I am progressing on the scissor holders for each member.

That's it for now...talk with you tomorrow...