Friday, November 12, 2021

Friday Notes...

One of the covered bridges around Binghamton, Vermont.

Boy did we have a storm come roaring through...tons of rain, high winds and leaves down.  Now, though, it's sunny and warm out...70's!

I mailed out guild newsletters (snail mail) and Thanksgiving cards early afternoon...had to wait for the rain to stop.  

I'm planning to make a roasted meal of chicken legs, potatoes, carrots, onions and green peppers.  I wanted to add a few more root vegetables but I could not find any parsnips nor cauliflower.  Potatoes were on sale so that was nice as were the chicken legs.

I have all the presents wrapped for the final box.  I plan to package that up this weekend and mail it out on Monday.  I told the mail person that this will be the first time that I am not mailing everything a week before Christmas.

Now I can take my time making cookies and decorating for the holidays...very nice.  Many times, I do it in a hurry and don't take the time to actually enjoy what I am doing.   Maybe that's one of the joys of growing older and deciding what to do and taking time to enjoy doing it!

There's a guild meeting on Saturday with Margaret Willingham speaking.  She's one of the leading quilters especially in the area of Reverse Applique which I absolutely love to do.

Enjoy your weekend...

Talk with you on Monday....