Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Getting Ready for....

Let me tell you, these bushes really are bright red,  almost neon red.  So although the temperature was only supposed to be in the mid 40's today, when I went outside in the sun (Yes, it was bright and sunny today!) it felt more like the high 60's which are suppose to be here tomorrow.

I picked up some cabbage and kielbasa adding them to the potatoes, carrots and onions to make an oven dish - one of my favorite dishes cabbage and kielbasa.  It's baking now in time for this evening's meal.

I am going crazy crocheting decorations for the holidays.  I think I have enough but love making them.  I was thinking that maybe I would share one a day beginning in December...sort of a DIY.  Anyway, here are my latest...

They are really easy to make...stay tuned for more information.

I have the final box all ready to mail...well, just about...I am adding a few items that I know this person has wanted and which I am ready to share.   It took more than two additional weeks, but the bubble wrap that I purchased finally came in last night...two giant roles...in preparation for packing for the next move.  Anyway, I can use that to wrap up the items I am sending with the presents.  

I have two more cards left to write and send for Thanksgiving.  Going to finish them this evening and mail them tomorrow.

I noticed some empty places at the store...toilet paper!!!again!!! and pasta.  This store devotes about one fourth of a long aisle to pasta and there were just a few boxes sprinkled here and there.  I also found ground beef for $2.47/pound which is unheard of here.  I definitely picked up some of that.

Although I wasn't going to make a turkey this year, one son found a small one and purchased it...so I will be making a small bird afterall.  I picked up canned yams and cranberry sauce and sage sausage (for the stuffing) today.  Going to make some cornbread for the dressing as well as some white bread.  Then the only other thing I need will be oysters.  I think I have everything I need for the big dinner except a small ham which one son absolutely loves.

I will be making a couple pies...pumpkin and pecan.  Need to pick up some heavy cream for whipped cream.  Last time I looked there wasn't any at the store...hope some appears before next Thursday.

Well, that's all for today...talk with you tomorrow...