Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Thanksgiving Plans Changing (for the better)...

I remember taking this when I was in Vermont a couple years ago.  I think that Vermont has more 'red' trees in fall than any other place I have visited.  This one took my breath away.

So, I was all set for Thanksgiving and then I found out that we are having guests which I am so happy about but it has turned my menu kind of upside down.  A couple of the guests are vegan...vegan at Thanksgiving...going to be interesting.  

I am going to add to the menu rather than subtract or change.  A good thing is that my chef son is comfortable making vegan dishes so he is going to help cook that day.  Whew!!!  Other than lots of vegetables, well, I am kind of at a loss.  

I am now down to one present still to purchase for the holidays...just wish I knew what to get.  I am stumped on this one.  At least I have enough time to find something...and it doesn't have to be sent so that gives me even more time.

I am making more Christmas Decorations...I have left yarn and crochet and have now moved on to felt.  I think that I will share all of them including directions during December.   Guess that is one of the benefits of getting the shopping and mailing done early...actually making the time to get it done early is still mind blowing to me as I was the last minute shopper and mailer!

That's all with you tomorrow...