Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Second Box gone...

I have always wanted to have a display like this with lots of pumpkins and squash along with hay bales.  I have a giant wreath on our front door (which can't be used because it is nailed shut!) but I have always wanted to do more...maybe next year at the 'new' place.  

This will be the last year that we are renting this late 1700's home.  I will miss lots of aspects but probably not the heating bill.  It is as leaky as a sieve.  

So I will be taking the next box to the post office early afternoon when I leave to get my booster shot.  That only leaves one more package to finish.  I have the presents, just need to wrap and package it up for mailing.  


I made an oven pasta dish...wondering how it is going to work out.  The pasta was not precooked.  There is lots of liquid and then it was sealed tight so the steam does not get out.  Here's hoping it works out.  I really hate to precook pasta and then put it in the oven.  Even when I only cook the pasta partially, it still comes out a bit mushy.  

There's also Italian Sausage and spinach as well as sauce, chicken broth, cream and spices.  The finishing touch will be cheese when everything is cooked

When I was getting my shot (at Walmart because they were the only local place to get J&J) I shopped for the ingredients for the dish.  While shopping I found canned boiled peanuts.  I love fresh boiled peanuts and hope that the canned ones are just as good.

Well, tomorrow will include a run to drop off some clothes at Goodwill and then sort through my clothes before I bring all of them up.  I know there are things that I probably will not wear anymore...they are too big!

That's all for with you tomorrow...thanks for stopping by...