Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Life's Little Disappointments

You know when there are times when you want to pull out your hair when dealing with volunteer groups?  Well, that happened last night at a zoom meeting that got out of hand with uncalled for and unsolicited way out of bounds comments!  Made me want to quit as president...other members did say they were going to quit but, hopefully, they will think more clearly later on and reconsider.  Oh well, life will go on

I finally have an appointment to get my J&J booster shot tomorrow.  Hopefully with the booster and the flu shot I will be set for the winter.  Funny, even though the vaccination rate here is high...in the high 80 percent, most folks still wear masks.  And the workers in every store I go into all wear masks.  

So I promised that I would share pictures of the small tote bags I made...

There are 12 by 13 inches with two pockets on the outside and either one or two on the fully lined inside.  The fabric is beautiful and what makes the tote bags as far as I'm concerned.  They really were easy to make.  I think from the time I cut the pattern to the finished stitching around the opening took around three and 1/2 hours.  I did use a heavy interfacing to give the totes some stiffness.

So, one Christmas box was mailed yesterday.  I am wrapping the presents for the second box and plan on mailing it tomorrow.  That will leave only one box left to go.  Wow!  And it's not even Thanksgiving yet.

I made a fresh apple cake yesterday that smelled, looked and tasted wonderful...

I had never used this recipe before and it called for a cup of oil which I thought was excessive.  Well, today after having small piece this morning, I agreed with myself.  It tasted oily...not bad, just not what I wanted.

My grandma used to make a great one but I can't find her recipe...it was similar but I don't remember it using oil so the oily taste was absent.  Going to see if I can find the recipe somewhere and make it again.  I still have a few apples left from when we went and picked them at the Harvest Festival.  

Well, that's all for today folks...talk with you tomorrow...