Monday, November 8, 2021

Christmas Presents Already On The Way...

Well, another week...the second week of November!  It's bright and sunny and really nice out.  High today is forecast to be in the. 60's.  Wednesday is going to be the warmest day this week so I hope to finish sealing Duchess.

Believe it or not, the first of three Christmas boxes will be sent today via United States Postal Service.  I purchased and/or made all the presents, wrapped them and boxed them up.  Better yet, this weekend I finished making the last two presents that will be sent.  So all I have to do is finish wrapping the presents and box them up.  

One problem is that I do not have the right size boxes for the other two...going to pick those up today.  I want everything wrapped and boxed and in the mail this week!  Wow!  I don't think I have ever been this early with Christmas presents.  

Usually I am way behind and mailing them the week before Christmas.  But after hearing that the service has slowed down considerably as well as the fact that they are raising the rates significantly during the holiday season...well, I figured that getting things done early is the only way to go.

One of the Christmas Decorations that I made to send is a garland of trees and trolls...

I made the trees but not the trolls, although they look to be very easy using felt, pompoms and fake hair.  This decoration was sent to a friend who does not put up a tree.

Today I am on the hunt to get my J&J booster vaccine.  Hopefully someone in this area has J&J.  I'll let you know tomorrow if I am successful.  I will also share pictures of the tote bags I made for presents.

Talk with you tomorrow...