Friday, November 5, 2021

Thanksgiving & Food...

This was taken about a mile from my home.

Do you realize that Thanksgiving is just 20 days away!  I don't think I will be serving turkey this year.  I am the only one who likes turkey in this household.  Going to find a big capon again and serve that with all the rest of the typical side dishes.

Today, I am going to make meatballs...just haven't figured out the rest of the meal.  I make meatballs like my grandma made...large chunks of onion and bread, lightly fried and finished in the oven.  Although grandma would finish them on top of the wood burning stove in a dutch oven.

So I hope to finish moving everything up to my 'new' bedroom as well as straightening up my studio which is a complete mess.  Between the things I am making for Christmas presents plus all the purchased presents stashed waiting to be wrapped and packaged...well there is a walkway.  

Hope to get my booster shot today - Johnson & Johnson.  How about you, have your had your vaccines?  I hope so for your own protection as well as those around you.

This morning was the first morning that I saw frost on Duchess.  (My 'new' bedroom window looks down on Duchess.)   But the sun is strong and it was gone within a few minutes of when I first saw it.  Glad that I did get Duchess winterized when I did.

Well, my day is full so I will talk with you Monday...

Have a great weekend and be sure to spend some time doing something you love to do!