Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bedrooms & Books...

This was taken about five miles from my house.  Such beautiful colors!

I spent most of today working in my new-to-me bedroom...moving from the downstairs bedroom up to the middle floor bedroom and bathroom.  So now my studio and my bedroom are separated by the bathroom.  I think they call that a 'Jack & Jill' bathroom.

First I had to rearrange the bedroom - took the bed away from the radiator so the heat could circulate.  Then I cleaned it...and now I am moving my things from the basement to my 'new' bedroom.  I have most of the things up.  Still have a few pictures to bring up.  

I haven't started on my clothes yet so that will be the focus tomorrow.  But, I really have very little clothes.  One dresser and about 15 hanging items.  Honestly, I basically only wear sweatshirts and pants in the winter and t-shirts and pants in the summer.  I don't have to dress up regularly so why keep all those clothes.  I still have some nice dressy items like a cashmere jacket (scored at Goodwill for $9.99) and a few dressy pants and skirts but that's it.  I only have one pair of low heeled dress shoes because I only wear sneakers or hiking shoes.

Football tonight.  Not sure how the game will be but it's on.  

A light freeze is forecast for tonight.  If any plants survive, I will bring them in.  I now have shelves tall enough so the cats can't reach the plants.

I have been reading mysteries lately.  I usually get them through Freebooksy which sends me a list of free books (through Amazon Kindle) everyday.  Somedays I download a lot, others day, not so much.  I finished reading three books by Libby Howard which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I am now reading Tempest in the Tea Room by Libi Astaire which is a bit different from my normal books.  I finished Arson at the Art Gallery by Catherine Lee yesterday.  I think I will look for more of her books.

That's if for with you tomorrow...