Wednesday, November 3, 2021

All Politics Is Local...

One of my favorite light houses in Maine.  

So last night wasn't a good night for the Democratic Party.  I read an opinion piece a couple days ago with the basic theme that 'all politics is local' is gone.  I think last night pretty much showed that the writer was way off.

I think local politics around schooling and the ginned up scare around Critical Race Theory which is only taught in law school and not in any grade school, along with what the sausage making that passing bills in this congress looks like as well as the cost of items going up and the stalled pipeline of consumer goods was a great deal of the reason for the outcome.  

The frustration is that almost all of it, if not all of it, was caused by the pandemic.  And the fact is that it wasn't appropriately dealt with immediately which would have mitigated a lot of the upheaval our nation felt and still feels.

However, the election has to be evaluated and lessons learned so that 2022 has a better outcome.  And I think once folks have realized the enormous benefits of the Build Back Better and Infrastructure Bills, along with some honest talk about racism, the Democrats will have more success.  The other factor that could greatly affect the next election is the Supreme Court and how it decides on some key cases.

Enough politics.  I did get Duchess winterized.  And it is quite chilly this morning.  The high is only 50 but it is sunny and no rain is in the forecast for the next ten days! 

I am making chicken soup today...more like chicken stew.  The smell is very appetizing right now as the stock boils down a bit.  I was thinking of baking something but I also want to get the bedroom organized now that I have taken over a different bedroom and bathroom.  Decisions.  Decisions.  

Now that I think about is one big I do this or do I do that constantly...a bit exhausting now that I think about it!

Talk with you tomorrow...