Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Fall feels like fall...and no rain!

First freeze tonight...probably not too bad but I decided to get Duchess ready for winter.  What that means is the I run anti-freeze (made especially for rvs) through the water system.   I also unhooked all the water hoses from outside, emptied them out and put them away for the winter. 

The garage is really full.  Going to have to do some work there maybe when it is not too cold...at least rearrange things and see if there is anything that can be discarded.

Sunday, I made a big chicken meal together with baked potatoes and baked squash.  Even had some stuffing.  Today I cooked down all the bones so that I can make chicken vegetable soup tomorrow.  As the 'larder' was not very full, I picked up some potatoes, carrots, celery and onions.   I already have corn and peas in the freezer.

I also got some boxes to use for wrapping Christmas presents at the dollar store...going to try to get most of the presents wrapped this week so I can pack them up and mail them next week.  Well, I still have to make a couple more presents but plan on doing that tomorrow.  

I have some beautiful fabric and have been making small tote bags, about a foot square with pockets on the outside and inside.  I'll take pictures tomorrow.

Well, today was voting day.  I went to vote about mid-day.  Didn't have to stand in line as there were four lines and sixteen voting booths.  Folks were coming in at a steady pace, but not enough to have to stand in line for more than a few minutes.  Hope all of you voted.

Talk to you tomorrow...