Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thanksgiving Day Meal Shopping Done...

Shopping done for Thanksgiving Day Meal.  We have a small kitchen so I also rearranged the kitchen so that when two of us are working we each have our own space and utensil, etc.  

Tomorrow morning, I will make the pumpkin and pecan pies as well as the lime jello salad with nuts, cucumbers, cottage cheese and mayo...it's a thing!  Actually, it's really good.  I will also fry up the stuffing ingredients...onions, celery, nuts and sausage (two types...I found vegan sausage!). Again, no oysters this year...unfortunately.  I couldn't find any.  Maybe my chef son will find some.

I have a station to make the candied yams and the stuffing (two types). That leaves the turkey, potatoes (again two types) and gravy plus the other things that chef is making.

I plan on cleaning the living room and dining room tomorrow and rearranging so there is plenty of seating for everyone.   At this point and with the small table, I think we will dish up in the kitchen and sit at the table.  There will be lots of room to circulate so folks can get up and go back for seconds.  Not ideal, but with no sideboard to have food on and the small table, this is really the only viable way.

I have all but three craft items made and ready for the 25 Days of Simple Christmas Crafts...and I know what I will be making, just haven't had the time yet.

So are you having folks for dinner?  Cooking it yourself or having it delivered?  Either way, I hope you enjoy.  Me, I am looking forward to cooking, eating, watching the parade (and football) and sharing time with family.

Talk with you tomorrow...