Monday, November 22, 2021

Fabric, Cobwebs & Bedrooms...

Well, I did go and pick up fabric which I thought was going to be dropped off at another person's home.  It was apparent that the second person could not take any at this time.  So, guess what?  I wound up taking it

I had the seats up in the back of my truck (it's a crew cab so there's a lot of room).  The back was packed tight almost to the top.  I had a box and a couple bags in the passenger seat and three more giant bags in the back of the pickup.  (I have a top so I can carry things without getting too wet if need be.)

All the fabric is now in my old bedroom.  I hauled it in the back door, through the house and down the stairs...all 23 large garbage bags of fabric!

So today, with the added pleasure of company for Thanksgiving, some of whom may spend the night, I totally cleaned up my old bedroom, making it as nice as possible with all the fabric.  I vacuumed everything including the beds.  Made up the two twin beds ready for folks.  Spent about an hour vacuuming all the cobwebs in the rafters, cleaned the bathroom and then cleaned outside...the door to that bedroom goes directly outside.

Then I took out about a ton of garbage including cutting down boxes.  Finally, the frig had to be cleaned out to make place for all the food we are preparing.

It's been a very busy day today but I finished the basement, the garbage and the frig.  Tomorrow I will be shopping for the rest of the things I need for Thanksgiving and cleaning part of the main floor.  

I plan on making the pies Wednesday morning and then getting the kitchen ready for my chef son to fix all the things he will be making.  (School is only half day so he will be home early.). I also will clean up the common rooms, rearrange seating and getting the table set up as well as taking out my mother's special occasion dishes and making sure they are all clean.

But, believe it or not, I am excited to have folks coming for Thanksgiving.  It will be fun to sit around and enjoy each other's company.

So, what are you doing for turkey day?  I hope it's something special...

Talk with you tomorrow...